ChatBabu vs Bing Chat: Comparison of Best Chatbots for Students

ChatBabu vs Bing Chat

If you’re looking for a chatbot that works as a paraphrasing tool and can generate creative ideas for your essay and story-writing tasks, this article is for you. I’ve researched and selected the chatbots that have been developed considering your needs.

The chatbots I’m going to discuss are digital assistants using machine learning or natural language processing algorithms that enable them to have humanly stimulated conversations with you. 

They’re smart computer programs designed to chat with you online. Such modern chatbots are equipped to use Artificial intelligence (AI) technology but not all of them necessarily have to be powered by AI.

Just as chatbots are making waves in every field out there, students also find themselves using these chatbots quite often. The reason is that chatbots play a pivotal role in enhancing learning experiences and providing instant academic support. 

According to recent studies, students who utilize chatbots for educational purposes often show improved retention rates and better understanding of the material.

Some of the commonly used chatbots are Bing Chat, ChatGPT and ChatBabu. However, the focus of this article is to find the best chatbots for students among the popular ones: Chatbabu and Bing Chat. 

ChatBabu: An Overview

ChatBABU offers a free alternative to ChatGPT. It is specifically designed to facilitate students. 

BabuCHAT, equipped with a text generation model, is ideal for tasks like generating essays, stories, paraphrasing, and more. Its content generation capabilities are especially useful for students as well as writers. 

For instance, it can effortlessly write fictitious and realistic stories for students and emails like resignation letters for writers making it a valuable writing companion.

Whether users are students working on assignments, writers crafting compelling narratives, or digital marketers seeking accurate data, ChatBABU’s extensions offer valuable assistance.

Bing Chat: An Overview

Bing Chat is powered by OpenAI GPT-4 and can generate natural and fluent text. It uses Microsoft’s Bot Framework to connect with different Microsoft services, such as Microsoft Teams, Azure, and Power Virtual Agents. 

Bing Chat uses Microsoft’s search engine and knowledge base to provide you with accurate and relevant information. However, you have to download the latest version of Microsoft Edge for it which is a little bit of a hassle. 

Otherwise, it is available on both web and mobile devices. You can access it by clicking the Bing icon on the toolbar or in the app menu. You can also use voice or keyboard to chat with it.

Students’ Usage of ChatBabu Vs Bing Chat

It’s significant to have a comparative analysis of these chatbots in the context of the needs and requirements of the students. Students require chatbots to write their assignments, applications, and emails, and sometimes to paraphrase the text of the research papers.

ChatBabu and BingChat were put to practical use to analyze how they perform. Here’s is the result:

Ideas Generation for Story

Chatbabu and BingChat can both brainstorm stories and easy ideas for you. 

​​ChatBabu gives you ideas for creative writing assignments. It suggests characters, plotlines, and settings. This was the result of the prompt: Generate story ideas for an assignment. 

BabuChat for story ideas

Here you see, this chatbot provides around 10 story ideas that contain the title and a short plot of the story. You can choose the one that aligns with the guidelines of the assignment. 

BingChat, through its AI capabilities, provides topic suggestions, helping students explore unique angles and themes for their assignments and creative projects.

Bing Chat for Story Ideas

Compared to ChatBabu, Bing chat introduces you to a few story generator tools that you can use to create your story.

With Bing chat, it is an extra step where you go to that tool and then can generate the idea for the story. 

On the other hand, ChatBabu instantly provides you with multiple ideas to write a story.

Essays Generation

Both ChatBabu and BingChat work well at generating content from scratch. Here I put both of these chatbots to practical use, so you can see for yourself how they both benefit the students in their essay writing assignments. 

I asked Chatbabu to write an essay about life on Mars and gave the same prompt to Bing Chat.  You can see the outcome generated by these chatbots below:

Bing Chat for Essay

After observing both essays on the same topic, one can easily come to the conclusion that the response generated by ChatBabu was more focused on the subject matter whereas Bing Chat’s reply was general in nature and somewhat vague too.

The essay produced by BingChat does not have proper subsections. However, it adds some statistics and references to the stats which enables you to cross-check the information.

The reference part is helpful in academic assignments where adding references is a norm. 

Although ChatBabu doesn’t provide references to the information, it generates an essay with a proper format by including a title and subheadings in the essay with quite explicit explanations of them.

Email Generation

Both of these AI Chatbots can simplify and facilitate you in performing your exhausting task of email generation.

You can write any kind of email with the help of ChatBabu. Here I asked it to write an email to ask the college admission-related queries. 

ChatBabu for Email Writing

When given the same prompt to Bing Chat for writing an email, it only provided the format of how to write an email.  

Bing Chat for Email Writing

Where Bing Chat provides fruitful information to you as an email writer on writing an effective email, ChatBabu actually generates an email in response to your prompt.

ChatBabu and Bing Chat As Paraphraser

Paraphrasing is a widespread practice among students and good paraphrasing tools come at a hefty price. Both chatbots can work as your free rewriting tools. 

Here is what I get while experimenting with the paraphrasing capabilities of both of these chatbots. 

The response of the ChatBabu:

ChatBabu as Paraphraser

The rewritten version of Bing Chat is:

Bing Chat as Paraphraser

BingChat offered more relevant and appropriate answers. ChatBabu steered the conversation away from the center point and added a few extra details in the text. 

Cost of Bing Chat and Chat Babu

Both Bing Chat and ChatBABU are valuable resources for students as they offer advanced AI-powered assistance entirely free of charge. This accessibility to cutting-edge technology without any financial burden holds several benefits for students.

ChatBabu vs BingChat: Which One is Best?

Both chatbots can assist you with academic queries and provide answers to homework questions. 

ChatBabu’s strength lies in its ability to explain and provide topics on content generation. You can write stories, emails, and even whole essays. 

Not only does it write an essay but also provides subheadings to organize your content into logical sections. 

For instance, if you’re working on an essay about climate change, this chatbot can create distinct sections discussing causes, effects, and solutions. This organization ensures that each part of your topic is thoroughly explored and well-presented.

On the other hand, Bing Chat with its vast database can provide detailed information on a wide range of topics with references. However, students cannot use it to directly write essays and stories. 

So, which chatbot is best for you as a student entirely depends on your personal and academic needs.

Final Thoughts

ChatBabu and Bing Chat both serve as valuable resources of information in academia. The ultimate choice boils down to the personal preference of a student. However, when compared, ChatBabu appears to be more appropriate for students.

You can have an unlimited number of chats with ChatBabu, unlike Bing Chat which only allows 30 chats per session. ChatBabu stands out for its ability to generate structured and organized content. This tool gives structured essays, stories, or any creative content you want to generate. 

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