Launch of Gemini Advanced: Bard Now As Gemini

Google Bard AI, powered by Gemini since December, has now been rebranded as Gemini: the core name for Google’s latest family of advanced AI models.

Google’s Bard AI, now Gemini, is a rival of ChatGPT. Just like OpenAI has free and paid subscription plans for ChatGPT 4 Online, Google launched a Gemini subscription plan called Gemini Advanced based on the Gemini Ultra 1.0 model on Thursday.

Gemini Advancved

Sundar Pichai, Alphabet’s CEO, explained during the January 30 earnings call, hinting at what’s to come for Google Assistant and Search. He mentioned: “We will again use generative AI there, particularly with our most advanced models and Bard.”

This move aims to make Google more than just an answer machine, evolving into a full-blown agent that’s got your back, from start to finish.

Why Is Bard Gemini Now?

Google’s renaming of its AI tool and its availability in the form of an app shout out loud about its dedication to embracing and investing in AI assistants.

During Google’s recent earnings call on January 30th, Sundar Pichai emphasizes the company’s commitment to AI. Pichai shared his vision of offering an AI sidekick that can tackle more and more tasks for users, even within Google Search. Though he did admit there’s a hefty to-do list before that dream becomes a reality.


Google’s got some serious makeover fever, and this time, it’s hitting Duet AI also, formerly known as the go-to “packaged AI agents” within Google Workspace and Google Cloud. Now, they’ll be called Gemini for Workspace and Gemini for Google Cloud.

And why the big-name switcheroo? Well, according to Google’s very own Hsiao, speaking to reporters on Wednesday, it’s all about clarity. They want users to know straight up that they’re chatting it up with the AI models behind the scenes. So long, Duet AI and Bard AI; hello, Gemini.

Hsiao said: “Bard [was] the way to talk to our cutting-edge models, and Gemini is our cutting-edge models.”

How Does Gemini Advanced Work?

Unlike its free version, the paid Ultra 1.0 model can be integrated with almost all of Google’s products like Gmail, Sheets, Docs, Slides, and Meet. Google aims to enhance its AI tool by integrating additional contextual information from users’ content in Gmail, Drive, and Docs.

For instance, when composing a reply within a lengthy email conversation, the suggested responses would consider the context provided by previous messages in the thread, as well as potentially pertinent files stored in Google Drive.

So, the Gemini Ultra 1.0 model seems to work like a GPT-4 powered Copilot trained in Office 365 by Microsoft.  

How Can We Access Gemini Advanced?

On 8 Feb 2024, Google introduced a more advanced version of its AI assistant with an AI subscription option, tailor-made for those users hungry for the latest and greatest. So here you’ve Gemini Ultra 1.0, Google’s top-of-the-line AI model.

And guess what? You can get your hands on it for $19.99 a month via Google One, their premium storage service. Plus, if you’re already dishing out cash for Google One, no worries – that $19.99 covers your storage plan too.

And to sweeten the deal, you can access it on a two-month free trial. This paid plan will compete with OpenAI’s paid plan which offers a ChatGPT Plus subscription at $20 per month to access GPT-4 and its other paid models.

But hold on, there’s a catch – for now, these shiny new features are only available in English. Fear not, though! Google’s got big plans to roll out support for Japanese and Korean soon, with more languages on the horizon.

Moreover, a dedicated App of this updated version of Gemini is available in 150 countries and can be accessed on Android App for Android users and Google App on iOS for iPhone users.

Final Thoughts

As for Google’s Gemini transformation, Sissie Hsiao, a big shot VP at Google overseeing Google Assistant and Bard, revealed to reporters on a call last Wednesday. She sees these changes as the first bricks laid on the path to “building a true AI assistant”.

The future looks bright with AI agents potentially becoming your ultimate party planner, travel booker, gift buyer, or even your ace sales rep, all with a simple scan of your calendar or a quick chat.

Albert Haley

Albert Haley

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