ChatGPT Meets Siri: Apple to Revolutionize Voice Assistance

Apple has announced a strategic partnership with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT into its different apps including Siri. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the landscape of voice assistance, combining the AI experience and conversational abilities of ChatGPT with Siri’s ecosystem.

ChatGPT meets Siri is the outcome of advanced AI technology coming together to enhance user interactions and provide more intelligent and responsive assistance. For example, Siri can schedule reminders based on a user’s voice command, while ChatGPT can suggest productivity tips tailored to the user’s schedule, helping them prioritize tasks more effectively throughout the day

In a recent press release, Apple CEO, Tim Cook, stated, “We are excited to bring the advanced capabilities of ChatGPT to Siri. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in our mission to create the most intelligent and user-friendly voice assistant on the market. With ChatGPT, Siri will be able to understand and respond to our users’ needs more effectively than ever before.”

ChatGPT meets Siri: Apple's Partnership with OpenAI

With the rapid advancements in AI and machine learning, the expectations for voice assistants have dramatically increased. Users now demand more than simple command execution; they want a conversational partner who can understand context, handle follow-up questions, and provide more complex and subtle responses. This is where ChatGPT comes into play.

OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, shared this sentiment. “We are excited to bring ChatGPT’s conversational expertise to Siri, creating a new standard for digital assistants. This integration will provide users with a more engaging and helpful experience,” said Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI.

When Could We Use ChatGPT with Siri?

During a keynote at WWDC 2024 in Cupertino on Monday, Tim Cook announced that we’ll experience this integration of ChatGPT with Apple’s Siri on iOS 18, iPadOS 18 and macOS Sequoia later this year.

Do We Have to Signup ChatGPT to Use It Via Siri?

To use ChatGPT features via Siri, we do not need to create an account with OpenAI or ChatGPT. It’ll be completely free to use. OpenAI’s premium plan customers will be able to use the paid features of Siri and the Writing Tools of Apple.

Which GPT Model Will Be Integrated with Siri?

Apple’s apps including Siri will use GPT-4o, the latest announced ChatGPT’s generative AI model which supports a robust voice assistance ecosystem by OpenAI. 

Since Siri will be using GPT-4o, you could upload images or photos, docs and PDFs into it to ask your questions about the data in them.

Will We Have the Option of Cross-Device Synchronization?

When using ChatGPT via Siri, the integration will enable seamless synchronization across all Apple devices, ensuring a consistent and cohesive user experience.

Is My Privacy At Risk Using ChatGPT Integrated Version of Siri?

The integration will include encryption and data anonymization techniques to ensure user data is protected. Both Apple and OpenAI have emphasized their commitment to user privacy and data security.

OpenAI has reinforced its dedication to ethical AI usage. “Ensuring user privacy and data security is paramount in this integration. We are working closely with Apple to uphold these values,” stated Altman.

How Siri Is Expected to Work with ChatGPT?

It’s better to understand the features of Siri with ChatGPT through the following 4 real-life scenarios.

Professional Project Assistance

You could ask Siri for help with a project and get detailed, step-by-step assistance. You could say, “Siri, help me prepare for my marketing presentation,” and instead of just setting a reminder or offering a web search, Siri, powered by ChatGPT, could provide structured advice, suggest relevant data, and even help draft your presentation content.

Personalized Cooking Advice

During a cooking session, you might ask, “Siri, what can I cook with chicken and broccoli?” The response would not just be a list of recipes but also personalised suggestions based on your dietary preferences, cooking history, and even the time you have available.

Apple's Siri OpenAI Partnership announced at WWDC 2024
Image Credits: Apple

Personalized Fitness Coaching

When starting your day with a personalised fitness routine. You could say, “Siri, help me create a workout plan for my fitness goals.” Instead of providing a generic workout, Siri, powered by ChatGPT, can analyse your previous workouts, current fitness level, and specific goals e.g., weight loss, muscle gain, or endurance.

It could then create a detailed, customised workout plan, provide tips on proper form, suggest nutritional advice, and even offer motivational quotes to keep you going.

For example, if you express a desire to improve your cardio, Siri might respond, “Based on your current fitness level, I recommend starting with a 20-minute interval running session. After that, include some dynamic stretching. Would you like me to guide you through the warm-up?”

Interactive Learning Assistant

For students and lifelong learners, Siri’s integration with ChatGPT can transform the way they study and acquire new knowledge. You could ask, “Siri, explain the theory of relativity,” and instead of giving a brief definition, Siri could provide a detailed explanation, break down complex concepts into simpler terms, and even engage in a Q&A session to ensure you fully understand the topic.

If you’re preparing for an exam, you might say, “Siri, help me study for my biology test.” Siri could then quiz you on key concepts, provide summaries of chapters, and suggest study schedules based on your exam date.

Additionally, Siri could adapt to your learning pace, offering more challenging questions as you improve or revisiting topics where you need more practice.

Final Thoughts

The collaboration between Apple and OpenAI is more than just a simple integration; it’s a visionary step towards creating a more intelligent, responsive, and interactive digital assistant.

Apple’s official statement states, “This partnership will enhance Siri’s natural language processing capabilities, allowing for more subtle and human-like interactions with users.” 

Apple’s integration of ChatGPT into Siri represents a strategic shift towards creating a more powerful, intelligent, and versatile voice assistant.

By leveraging ChatGPT’s advanced capabilities, Apple aims to revolutionise how users interact with their devices, making Siri a must-have tool for everyday tasks.

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