GPT-5 Expected This Summer: ‘Materially Better’ Than GPT-4

A recent report indicates that GPT-5, OpenAI’s next advanced AI model, is expected to be launched around mid-2024.

OpenAI faces mounting pressure to introduce new generative AI products in the current year, particularly updates to the ChatGPT platform. Recent unveilings in the world of AI include Google’s Gemini Ultra 1.0, Anthropic’s Claude 3.0, and Microsoft’s introduction of custom Copilots within the Copilot experience, Devin AI Software Engineer by Cognition-Labs.

This summer, there’s anticipation building around the potential release of a new and improved version of ChatGPT, called either ChatGPT 5 or ChatGPT 4.5 Turbo. Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, hinted at this development during a podcast discussion when questioned about advancements beyond the current model.

While Altman didn’t reveal the precise name of the forthcoming model or its exact release date, he did mention the necessity for several enhancements before the updated version could be introduced to the public.

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Who Revealed the News of ChatGPT 5’s Launch?

The speculation about the possible arrival of this upgraded model stems from insights provided by two unnamed employees who had the opportunity to test ChatGPT 5 for evaluation purposes. They shared insights about its impending release and offered glimpses into the improvements it boasts.

These undisclosed sources communicated details to Business Insider regarding the projected launch of GPT-5 such as the possibility of its availability for the public in mid-2024. However, without an official release date, nothing is certain. The estimated mid-2024 timeframe could potentially shift if OpenAI encounters delays in finalizing the upgrade.

What Are the Possible Capabilities of ChatGPT 5?

According to one of the unnamed executives, OpenAI plans to empower the new model with enhanced capabilities. For instance, GPT-5 could potentially deploy AI agents to automate specific tasks. These AI agents by OpenAI will be a significant advancement in functionality.

The anonymous employees familiar with OpenAI’s operations have disclosed that the selected enterprise clients have already received demos of GPT-5, along with associated enhancements to ChatGPT.

Feedback from these demonstrations has been notably positive, with one CEO describing the new model as “really good” and “materially better” compared to the current latest GPT model. OpenAI tailored these demonstrations to showcase the model’s capabilities within specific use cases and data relevant to each client’s company.

However, the practical implications of these improvements remain uncertain. It’s unclear whether the new LLM boasts enhanced speed compared to GPT-4 Turbo, exhibits reduced latency, demonstrates improved accuracy, or mitigates issues such as hallucination. Concrete details on these aspects are awaited, and speculation abounds until then.

Could Free Users of ChatGPT Use GPT-5?

It’s plausible that the rollout of GPT-5 may initially be prioritized for Plus and enterprise users, with potential accessibility for Microsoft Copilot users. Speculation also arises regarding the possibility of a GPT-4 upgrade for free-tier users coinciding with the introduction of ChatGPT 5 to subscriber and enterprise accounts. However, these assertions remain speculative until confirmed by official announcements.

Did OpenAI Make Any Announcement About GPT-5?

OpenAI has yet to confirm any specifics regarding this upgrade for ChatGPT, and the company has refrained from making official statements regarding the Business Insider report. Although a snippet from Sam Altman’s earlier interview was shared by a spokesperson, shedding light on potential upcoming releases preceding GPT-5, if indeed named as such.

If the reports are accurate, it suggests that OpenAI is still in the process of training this new GPT, with subsequent internal “red teaming” testing slated to address any potential issues before broader deployment of the next-generation ChatGPT model. The fact that these executives supposedly had access to the GPT-4 successor implies that OpenAI has completed a significant phase of training, assuming the accuracy of the information provided.

Other Possible Launches by OpenAI this Year

OpenAI recently confirmed plans for the public launch of the text-to-video service Sora later this year. This announcement aligns with hints dropped by Sam Altman during the interview, potentially signaling one of the anticipated releases on the horizon.

Final Thoughts

While the exact name of this upgraded model remains uncertain; whether it will be branded as “GPT-5” or categorized as a significant upgrade akin to GPT-4 Turbo (or possibly an incremental update like GPT-4.5) is yet to be confirmed.

Nonetheless, the AI community eagerly awaits the arrival of this multimodal large language model (LLM), which, like its predecessor, is expected to adeptly process both textual and visual inputs, referred to as “prompts.”

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