Majorly Improved GPT-4 Turbo Available Now in ChatGPT & API

OpenAI has announced a majorly improved GPT-4 Turbo model. This improvement includes better conversational tone, advanced capabilities in coding, math, writing, logical reasoning and overall progress in performance.

majorly improved GPT-4 Turbo

The improved GPT 4 Turbo model is available now in the API and ChatGPT Plus. Earlier GPT-4 Turbo with its vision technology for the analysis of image, video, and audio content was available only to developers via API. Now ChatGPT Plus users can also use this feature.

ChatGPT 3.5 users with or without an account still can’t access this majorly improved model.

Along with the advancement in some of its capabilities, OpenAI has increased the knowledge cut-off date of the model from April to December 2023.

How Was GPT-4 Turbo Earlier?

GPT-4 Turbo with Vision was generally available via ChatGPT API. This model with Vision marks a significant milestone in natural language processing and computer vision integration.

This model of GPT was and is a great resource for developers. It helps them to develop apps where integration of different image and text models is needed simultaneously.

With the addition of JSON mode and function calling capabilities, developers have enhanced flexibility and efficiency in utilizing vision requests within their applications.

This opens up a plethora of opportunities for innovative projects across various domains, including healthcare, automotive, retail, and more. From automated medical diagnosis systems to smart surveillance solutions and immersive augmented reality experiences, the potential applications of GPT-4 Turbo with Vision are virtually limitless.

One example of its application is the viral coding agent or AI software engineer Devin by Cognition Labs. It’s like a super smart AI system that can create complicated apps from a prompt.

This development in the Turbo model is similar to what Google introduced with Gemini Pro 1.5 but only to developers through API as was made available by OpenAI.

It seems that by restricting access to developer platforms initially, both OpenAI and Google are fostering an environment conducive to experimentation and refinement of these advanced features before wider consumer deployment.

This approach allows developers to explore the full potential of these technologies and create innovative applications while ensuring a seamless and robust user experience once they are made available to the broader audience.

What Is Majorly Improved GPT-4 Turbo or What Is New in It?

Majorly improved GPT-4 Turbo available now in ChatGPT and API

According to OpenAI, the availability of GPT-4 Turbo for paid ChatGPT users opens up a new era of enhanced language understanding and problem-solving capabilities. With improvements across various domains including writing, mathematics, logical reasoning, and coding, this latest development empowers users with great assistance for a variety of tasks and applications.

The introduction of a majorly improved GPT-4 Turbo represents a significant leap forward in the evolution of OpenAI’s GPT-4 family of language models.

Notably, the majorly improved GPT-4 Turbo model marks the integration of AI vision capabilities. It’s an advancement that enables the model to analyze video content and live feeds, expanding its utility and applicability to a broader range of tasks and domains.

Released initially to developers and subsequently integrated into OpenAI’s consumer and enterprise flagship product, the improved version of ChatGPT 4 Turbo showcases the height of rigorous research and development efforts aimed at pushing the boundaries of AI capabilities.

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